About us
About us
Libres d.o.o.

Libres is a family company that has been offering its services for the last 20 years. The company owners have experience from working in banks and big companies, which are complemented by the experience of educated employees.

Every day we do our work with the thought in our minds that you my dear businesswomen and businessmen, company and institute directors will get more for your money. We believe this is the best approach to do things.

Just because we want to adjust to your needs we use software from various providers. With every client we come to an agreement on how to provide our services. Of course we choose an agreement which is the most optimal for the client. This is extremely important for us because we like seeing our business associates satisfied. Our principle is to make an immediate response to the client’s requirements. Our clients do not need to carry the documentation anywhere, because we always take care of that.

In our company everyone will get all information regarding accounting, taxes, personnel, and other legislation. This information is not in the sense that “you must find it and read it yourself” but the exact answers to your questions.

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