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Our services
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Accounting services – standard range

  • Recording of incoming and outgoing invoices and other financial documents.
  • Keeping the register of basic assets and clearance of amortisation.
  • Clearance of salaries and resource, and e-Taxes payment system reporting.
  • Clearance of VAT and tax records of the profit made by the legal persons.
  • Making all necessary monthly and annual reports (showing the state of balance success and tax balances).
  • Reports are sent by e-mail to every client within the agreed terms.
  • We guarantee that all documentation in paper form is taken from our clients and brought back immediately after the bookkeeping regardless of the regions.
  • We accept all other documentation in electronic form.
  • All services are carried out with our software in our premises.

Accounting services – interrelation

  • Our clients have access to accounting software through the terminal connection (PANTHEON, VASCO, SAOP).
  • We have access to the client’s accounting software (regardless of the manufacturer).
  • The clients’ service provider is Datalab PANTHEON. PANTHEON Hosting is a service that enables you to use the ERP system in the cloud.
  • Paperless operation using EBA application enables that scanned invoices are directly recorded in the accounting database (Datalab PANTHEON).
  • Scanned invoices can also be recorded in VASCO and SOAP.

Accounting services – clients

  • We are able to do all exacting booking at our head office.
  • We prepare all necessary reports (clearance of VAT, balance).
  • We give advice on accounting and tax legislation.
  • We examine the state of the credit entry that is done by the clients themselves.
  • We give advice on:  the possibility of financing, providing liquidity, labour law, etc.


Tax consulting

  • We provide tax advisory services and our clients can get answers on every questions about taxes.
  • We make tax reviews for our clients. That means that our tax experts, from the very beginning, communicate with the tax inspectors and in such a manner relieve our clients of their tax obligations.
  • We conduct preventive tax audits. The main aim is to help our clients not being surprised by sudden possible tax inspections and to avoid the trap of being deceived regarding the income taxes and VAT.


Business consulting

In the last 15 years our company has gained many clients who have been using our services, and are practically from every field of the economy. Therefore, based on our extensive experience many a person can get a professional opinion regarding endless stream of questions that interest businessmen. How to sell the products and services? What is the right price? How to organise the procurement logistics? What is the right investment in marketing? How to reach an agreement with your employees for high-quality work? Which bank is safe nowadays? Why is it good to avoid certain acts done by many businessmen? What is important to check before purchasing securities? What are Exchange Traded Funds and your options? This and many other questions are a part of our everyday life.


Personnel services

For our clients we prepare the employment contracts, employment systematisation policies, and remuneration and promotion policies. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of people are laid off. This has to be done the right way with the adequately prepared documents so that you do not have any problems when the labour inspector comes.

We establish excellent working method with every client.
We will be glad if you become one of our clients.
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